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Know How to Shut Off Your Electricity

Panel box and breakers

If you have a gas or plumbing leak, you might need to shut off your home’s electricity as well as the gas and water. You can turn the electricity off inside your circuit breaker panel or fuse box. You would usually do this only in an extreme emergency. Before you’re faced with an emergency, locate your box. It might be in a utility closet, garage or the basement. It’s a metal box full of switches or fuses.

If your box is full of switches, they control your home’s electrical circuits. To turn your electricity off, turn all of the switches to the “off” position, and then switch off the main switch at the top.

Don’t flip the main switch except during an emergency. If you’re having a problem with electricity in a particular room or with one appliance, you can flip the switch that powers just that area. Often, you’ll find that the individual switch is “off,” and you can solve the problem by turning it back on.




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